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You are worthy of healing
Hi, I'm Teresa

I’m a certified psychic medium, astrologer, and spiritual mentor who is passionate about empowering women to manifest profound changes in their lives so they can break free from limitations and embrace their authenticity and purpose unapologetically.

I truly believe each of us have a calling and a unique purpose in this world.
My mission here on this planet is to guide other women towards confidence, empowerment and authenticity. My own path has been one of healing and growth, a journey that has allowed me to uncover invaluable lessons about building confidence, reclaiming my power, embracing authenticity and rediscovering my voice.

I’m here to walk alongside you, offering support and guidance as you navigate your unique path towards fulfillment and inner connection.

For the astrology lovers, I'm a Libra sun, Virgo moon and Scorpio rising!

Once | Empowering women to embrace authenticity unapologetically

Choose your path

whAt are you looking for right now?


on your next steps to achieve fulfillment in your life or career by uncovering insights into your authentic self or soul’s purpose



in creating the changes in your life so that you can break free from limitations & embrace your authenticity and purpose unapologetically

Align & Elevate


with your loved ones on the other side to experience healing and closure through compassionate and validating messages of love, comfort and support

Mediumship Reading

As above so below, as within so without

My method

By blending the mystical with the practical, my method is a combination of spiritual practices with grounded/tangible tools and action steps I’ve personally used and tested.
This holistic approach to healing empowers you to grow while making progress towards your ultimate goals.

I am committed to creating a safe and nurturing space for women to explore spirituality, unearth and acknowledge the hidden/unconscious parts of themselves and heal.

My goal is to provide personalized support tailored to each woman’s unique needs and goals, empowering them to create a life that resonates with their authentic self, soul purpose and core values.


kind words

“Thank you for this beautiful reading, Teresa! You have such a gentle soul and I loved how at peace you made me feel by listening to your voice. I am grateful for your reading, insight and our connection with each other.” 




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