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Align & Elevate

A 3 month intimate container tailored for women that are looking to unlock their inner potential, step into their authentic power and radiate confidence from within while creating changes in their life and/or career with support and guidance.

By blending the mystical with the practical, my method is a combination of spiritual practices with grounded/tangible tools and action steps I’ve personally used and tested.

This holistic approach to healing empowers you to grow while making progress towards your ultimate goals.

Image by Rhett Wesley
  • Are you feeling stuck, confused, lost, craving change and clarity when it comes to your life and/or career?

  • Do you want to stop feeling frustrated and unfulfilled and start to feel aligned and empowered in all areas of your life?

  • Are you looking to cultivate unwavering confidence and express your authentic voice?

  • Do you struggle with procrastination because you don't feel good enough and are afraid of disappointing others by following your dreams?

  • Are you caught in the overthinking loop, seeking external validation from others while your inner voice remains unheard?

  • Do you find it challenging to navigate your sensitivity as an energy sensitive person and/or an empath?

  • Are you seeking to nurture a stronger, more profound relationship with your authentic self and silence the voices that seek to dictate your worth?

  • Are you looking for a tailored approach to healing and energy work that meets your personal goals and needs?

You are not alone

I see you, I hear you, I understand you.
I was you!

Inside this intimate and sacred container, you’ll experience customized sessions tailored to your unique goals and needs.
I will guide you using tools and practices that I’ve personally tested and used to align my life with my passions and step into the next version of myself.

Together, we’ll create meaningful and powerful shifts in both your career and personal life.

by the end of our time together you will:

  • have cultivated a newfound self-confidence and a deeper understanding of your own power

  • unveil your authentic essence as well as your innate gifts and talents, living confidently aligned with your core values and soul purpose

  • experience deep healing and growth by addressing both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself

  • embrace your unique journey with unwavering confidence and clarity

  • harness your inner strength to create and live the life you’ve always envisioned

  • learn grounded, actionable steps to make real, lasting changes in your personal and professional life

  • recognize your intrinsic value and self-worth, leading to a sense of inner peace and empowerment

  • gain insights into your soul’s purpose and direction and feeling the magnetic pull of your true calling

  • increase your self-esteem and confidence by setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, standing in your power, and sharing your voice

  • have a stronger intuitive knowing about who you really are vs what other people told you and feel deeply connected to your authentic self

Inside of Align & Elevate
  • Six 1:1 bi-weekly sessions tailored to your needs and goals (zoom recordings available)

  • Energy and healing work during our sessions for clarity and deep transformational healing with the guidance of your spirit team

  • Action items & accountability assignments at the end of every call (we’ll discuss them together to ensure you get into your growth zone, and integrate the information on a deeper level)

  • Support in making the transition in your career and/or the changes you want to create in your life with actionable steps

  • Access to me through Voxer w/ message and audio from Monday to Friday, so I can keep you accountable along the way & for you to let me know if you have anything coming up in between sessions

  • A shared doc to summarise our sessions after each call with clear action items created on every 1:1 call + feedback on the accountability assignments

Are you feeling called to step into your soul's purpose, elevate to the next version of yourself, and embark on a transformative healing journey?

Align & Elevate is for you if you are ready to:

  • create a more fulfilling life that is in perfect alignment with your authentic self by embracing your strengths and talents fully

  • unveil the light within you, leaving behind self-doubt, lack of trust, self-criticism and step into the realm of limitless possibilities

  • align with your true essence to feel at peace with yourself and fulfilled in your life and work

  • receive insight, direction and clarity while exploring potential careers that align with your true passions

  • step into your power and build unshakable confidence that comes from embodying your authentic self and rising above the noise of external influences

  • build more meaningful and fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life

  • find a bridge job, change career or start your own business

  • express your needs, desires, and boundaries with clarity and confidence

  • carry with you the tools that help you navigate life’s challenges and opportunities

  • rediscover your voice

Clients love

Kristen, California

"I literally could not recommend it enough! Before I started working with Teresa, I felt really unsure of the future. I felt like I was waiting for the ball to drop in my life. But the way Teresa coaches you is really helping you into the highest version of yourself, so that you know you can handle whatever is coming, and also get you out of that fear mindset. She's just the most amazing coach and spiritual mentor!"

Ready to say YES to aligning with your authentic self and elevating your life?

take my hand and let me guide you in this next phase of your journey

Meet Your Mentor


By blending the mystical with the practical


If you’re ready to build confidence, reclaim your power, find fulfillment and expand into the next version of yourself, take my hand and let me guide you in this next chapter of your life.


I'm so honoured and grateful to support and guide you on your journey.


  • How do I schedule the calls?
    After you sign up for the program, we will find the best time for the calls based on both schedules and you'll receive an email with all the links
  • Can I apply even if I've never done energy work before?
    Absolutely! You don't need anything besides coming into the sessions with an open mind and willingness to receive
  • Can I apply if I have a religious background?
    Most definitely! I respect you, your beliefs and values and we can adjust the program according to them
  • What if I have to reschedule a session?
    You must contact me 24h prior to reschedule the session. Last minute cancellations due to emergencies will be handled on a case by case basis
  • What if I miss a session?
    Appointments that are missed, late, or not rescheduled within the required notice period (24h) will not be rescheduled, refunded or transferred to another program offer. Kindly be advised, if you are more than 10 minutes late, it may result in a missed appointment
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