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We are never alone

Image by Callum Shaw
Image by Renee Kiffin

Mediumship reading

45MIN session

This session is for you if you wish to connect with your loved ones on the other side for an opportunity to receive healing, closure and reassuring messages of love, comfort and support.


I have no control over who comes forward during our session but I’ve created a sacred and confidential space, where you will be nurtured and supported at all times during our session.


For purposes of honouring your grief process, as well as the recovery process that occurs on the other side, these sessions must be book at least 3 months after you experienced the loss of the loved one you wish to connect with.


I do recommend booking a time where you know you won’t be interrupted and have space after the call to process everything we discussed during our session.


I'm so honoured and grateful to connect you with your loved ones.

Clients love

sara, C.

“The session with Teresa was surprising. I thought she wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone and may not connect so well with me but it was the opposite. During the session she mentioned things it was impossible for her to know beforehand.

At the end of all sessions with Teresa I always feel calmer, it’s like she confirms what I’m feeling internally and the process I’m going through, without knowing what it’s all about. In it’s way, that feels that Teresa reads us through her medium gift!”

Marisa, a.

“I loved my session with Teresa!
It was recommended to me by a friend. I started following her on Instagram until I felt I should do a session with her.
She gave my really great insights and helped me focus and understand some things.
Grateful to have met you Teresa and I know that our journey together isn’t over yet 🤍
You are a truly light being.
Thank you”

tijana, C.

“I went into a healing session without knowing what to expect, I just felt a nudge to be guided by Teresa and let go.
From the start there was this deep connection and positive energy coming through.
With her kind and soothing voice she gently guided me toward answers for questions I didn't know I had, and closing a 20 year old wound that I didn't know was still there.
This session had a long lasting effect, to this day I can close my eyes and find that sense of peace.”

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