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Hi, I'm Teresa


My journey with spirituality started in my early 20s when I was guided to dive deep into the mystical and magical world of spirituality and out of my ‘spiritual closet’.

From reiki, oracle cards and astrology to healers, mediums and mentors. It was a wiiiild ride, but I quickly realized that I needed to let go of the resistance towards the spiritual world to heal my relationship with myself and the Divine.

But let's rewind a bit.

I struggled with people pleasing, lack of boundaries, fear of judgment and childhood trauma that followed me everywhere I went.
Living out of sync with my authentic self and soul purpose, left me with rock-bottom self-esteem and a confidence level that wouldn't even register on a scale.


I was completely out of alignment with my soul purpose and I’m not gonna lie, it was tough!
It led to a clinical diagnosis of depression.

And I believed that if I unleashed my "woo woo" side, my friends would ditch me faster than you can say "spiritual awakening".

With a serious lack of boundaries, I was the go-to person for putting everyone else's needs before my own. Saying no made me feel guilty, so I mastered the art of crafting excuses to dodge invitations.


In my desperation for acceptance and that "ordinary" life, I went to college and got a master’s degree.

But guess what?
I still felt unfulfilled, with no clarity around my life’s purpose.


I was ignoring the signs and my intuition, which were practically screaming at me to change course.

Then, my world flipped upside down (hello, Saturn return!) 🪐

I felt the powerful urge to do the inner work like never before, seeking out help and knowledge, and the deeper I delved into myself and sought guidance from mentors, coaches, and programs, the more my abilities flourished.

And now, here I am, with healthy boundaries in all my relationships, trusting myself and in the Divine, and I not only accept myself fully but also embrace my uniqueness and natural gifts.

I am ready to share my wisdom and help you build a magical relationship with Spirit and your beautiful self.

The answers you seek are already within you (pinkie promise), and you are worthy of your dreams!

Ready to up level your life? ✨

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